suffolk engagement photos

Mike & Ty Engagement shoot

Suffolk Engagement Shoot

You know what we're afraid of? Hairy spiders, our local Chick-fil-A closing shop, and vampire movies. You know what we're NOT afraid of? PDA. In fact, we are all about it, especially when we're photographing a gorgeous and super in-love couple like Mike and Ty, who were constantly stealing kisses and wrapping themselves up in each other throughout our entire engagement session!

Working strictly off of good vibes and positive energy, Mike suggested our shoot start in the parking garage of Christopher Newport University. He said it reminded him of a music video in which he and Ty were the stars! We knew Mike and Ty are as extra as guacamole at Chipotle, so we had to do this different. To switch up the scene for theme, we stood back to witness how steamy things got in the elevator for them as we made our descent to the lush green grounds of the campus. We love that we didn’t have to prompt them at all to lean in and get close, either. Can’t you feel that passion and heat through your screen? YOWZA!

We asked these two about their love story, and Ty told us her sister hooked them up and believe it or not, they didn’t even like each other. To quote her more accurately, she said they “HATED each other’s guts”. Imagine the football jock picking on the quiet nerd…yep this was the unexpected start to their budding relationship. As for the proposal, Ty said, “Michael proposed to me at my college graduation cookout. My mom and him hid the ring inside of a box of ring pops and once I found it at the bottom of the box he popped the question..”

And can we talk about the ring? Get ready because Ty has been blinding us all week!

Suffolk Engagement Shoot
Suffolk Engagement Shoot
Suffolk Engagement Shoot
Suffolk Engagement Shoot
Suffolk Engagement Shoot

Congratulations on getting married soon, and we are looking forward to photographing your wedding, Mike and Ty. May you forever have a relationship filled with passion and love!

Now that you are Engaged: Finding Your Engagement Session Style


How to Find Your Engagement Style

This is one of those things you really don’t need to be stressed about. The key is to look inward and to consider your current life habits, hobbies and interests. From there, you’ll be able to find your engagement session style and incorporate it into your photographs seamlessly.

  1. Think about your respective, and shared, hobbies and passions. For example, do you both love music? Or is cooking every night something you always do together? Maybe you love to go swing dancing. 

  2. Your respective professions can definitely contribute to your e-session style. Is he a firefighter? A scientist? A farmer? Is she a chef? A kindergarten teacher? A geologist? Whatever the case may be, incorporate your professional lives into your photographs. Maybe it’s as simple as a chalkboard, a hay bale, or a chef’s hat. 

  3. Are you into sports? Show some team spirit in your photographs with jerseys, sports equipment or something similar. 

  4. What’s your favorite kind of music? Are you both country lovers? Maybe you’re more into the classical music scene. Don’t be afraid to dress the part.

  5. Where do you feel like you’re really in your element? Is it outdoors at your favorite park? In the museum perusing the art? Or maybe you love the buzz of a colorful city.

  6. What always makes you two laugh or have fun? Maybe it’s a board game, or a visit to the fair or circus.  

Now that you are Engaged: The Importance of Timing your Engagement Session


Perfect Timing for Your Engagement Session

When planning your engagement session, you want to get the timing just right and there are many factors to consider during this process. We’re here to help! Here’s a list of things you need to take into consideration when picking a session date:

  1. If you are going to display your engagement photos at your wedding, and you are doing outside portraits, try to plan your engagement session in the season that you are having your wedding. This way, it matches your wedding décor. 

  2. Keep in mind that whenever you are planning your portraits is probably a busy season for photographers. Be sure to book early so you can get a good spot. You also need to remember that if you’re doing outdoor photos, you have to cater to the weather. Sometimes the weather is crazy and we have to reschedule. We’ve had clients have to reschedule four times before due to rain, etc. Be sure to book a backup date in case your first one gets rained out.

  3. Remember that you and/or your fiancé may need to take some time off of work for the session. We may not have any availability when you’re available because, even though we try to be accommodating, we don’t shoot every day or may already be booked on your day off. 

  4. Book early enough to use your photos for Save the Date cards, etc. Don’t forget about editing, printing, and mailing times. Allow enough time for the whole process and still have them to your guests on time.

  5. If you’re doing a slideshow at your wedding and want to use your engagement photos in it, don’t wait until a month before your wedding to take your engagement photos and then stress and worry as you try to hurry to get them back and into the presentation. You have to allow editing time in your schedule.