Kendall + Shannika : Meet the Johnsons

The deal is sealed! Shannika is officially Mrs. Johnson. This couple couldn't be more right for each other. Shannika confessed, Kendall had her at HELLO! A match certainly made in heaven!


August 26, 2017 was certainly a day to never forget. This couple couldn't be more in love.


From this day foward, they plan to live happily ever after!

Ronny Smart

SmartShot, PO BOX 64455, Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Hi, I'm Ronny! I love ice cream, bubble wrap and parties. What I love most about photography is being able to capture the moment as I see it. Between Reggie and I, we have different styles and that is what makes us the perfect husband and wife combo. I capture the little details you may miss and he captures the moment. I love being able to work alongside my best friend everyday and also being able to be creative. Photography is what I love and its nice to do what I love with whom I love.